Ground Sheets

Constructed from a tough 10oz polyethylene woven fabric with a poly coating, Firetak Ground Sheets offer protection against stones, glass, sticks and other objects that could damage your municipal or forestry tanks, spill containment berms, etc.  Available in any size.



Salvage Covers

During and after a fire, it is good public relations to cover salvageable items which have been removed from a structure and exposed to the elements.  In many regions it is mandatory that responding apparatus be equipped with protective covers.  Custom sizes are readily available.

  • Durable 18oz material
  • Fire resitant
  • hemmed edges
  • grommets every 3 – 4 feet
  • reinforced corners

Carrying Cases

Firetak Cases are made of 18 oz PVC coated material with a heavy duty 2-way zipper.   designed for carrying and storing our many products such as tanks, berms, portable buildings, etc. 

Available in several colors.



Bolt in Outlets

We manufacture our bulkheads using ¾” polycarbonate plates which are bolted onto both sides of the reinforced sections of our municipal, forestry and our totally enclosed tanks.




Repair Kits

Many Firetak products have a repair kit included but they are also available as a separate item.  Depending on the product, the kit contains the appropriate materials and a 4oz tin of specialized glue.



Foot Pumps

Ideal for quick inflation where a pressurized air source is not available.  Anti-skid base and non-slip foot pad are standard.  Hose has quick connectors attached for rapid inflation of our air collar style municipal and forestry relay tanks.



Ball Valve

The ability to control or shut off the flow of liquid from your Firetak tank is easy with a PVC Ball Valve.  These valves are durable, maintenance free and come with dual female NPT (National Pipe Thread).  Double male adapters are available to couple your tank with the valve.



The Multi Manifold provides a means of quickly connecting standard ¾” hose to hydrants, fire  hoses or fire apparatus. It is constructed of corrosion-free aluminum pipe fittings and 500psi certified bress quarter turn ball valves.  Ideal for multiple hose connections, it can be used for many applications such as decontamination, overhaul, and wild land fires. 



  • More hoses-fewer parts
  • Stable strong construction
  • Valve working pressures 0-500psi


Hand Pump

Provides quick emptying of decontamination pools, holding and drainage tanks, wells, etc. Removes high volumes of fluids in minutes. No need for electricity or combustion engines. Engineered and configured for quick setup and deployment. May be used at virtually any location. Components comprised of durable non-reactive materials. Ideal for use with both hazardous and non-hazardous materials.

15 GPM (56.78 LPM)
Diaphragm Hand Pump
Includes female Nyglass quick couplers & mounting board

  • 10 ft. (3.05m) 1 1/2" inlet hose with male Nyglass quick couplers and Nitrile strainer attached
  • 20 ft. (6.09m) 1 1/2" outlet hose with male Nyglass quick couplers attached
  • Floor grids

    The D-con pool floor grid is a rigid polyethylene honey comb style floor grid.  Our grid keeps the subject above the grey water during decontamination.