Compact, lightweight, yet durable collapsible portable water tanks from FIRETAK Manufacturing Ltd. collapsible portable water tanks

Municipal Collapsible Portable Water Tanks

collapsible portable water tanks Our collapsible portable water tanks are compact, lightweight, and durable, and can be quickly and easily deployed by one firefighter. The unique air collar concept is inflated within seconds using an S.C.B.A. cylinder. Over inflation is prevented using this method. Storage space for our collapsible portable water tanks is greatly reduced as our units are stored in a standard apparatus compartment.

We also manufacture foam collar relay tanks for situations where air is not available or storage is not a concern.

All collapsible portable water tanks are made from tear, abrasion and puncture resistant PVC coated materials, and all seams are heat sealed. A 3" bolt-in outlet is standard on all tanks with additional sizes and additional outlets optional. A repair kit is included with all portable water tanks. A carrying case is also optional. Our hard suction hose support and ground sheets may also be of interest.

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Forestry Collapsible Portable Water Tanks

forestry collapsible portable water tanks Firetak "F" Series open top collapsible portable water tanks are specially designed for the Forestry Service. These lightweight, yet durable tanks are useful as a fire site water reservoir and also a dip tank for helicopter bucketing operations. Our sectionalized foam collar design provides for compact storage and these units can be easily transported by ground or air.

Large tie-off straps are heat sealed to the sidewalls to assist in positioning of these collapsible portable water tanks. Our standard unit has one (1) 3" NPT outlet and plug. Extra outlets and sizes are available. Our "F"series tank is available with our exclusive air collar design complete with foot pump. Ground Sheets are also available.

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